This is a list of the 100 goals I hope to accomplish sometime in the future.  The list will be changing periodically.  I’ll cross an item off whenever it is accomplished and maybe include a link to the results.

  1. Start a Business
  2. Complete an Ironman
  3. Learn to Code
  4. Build a Website
  5. Write a Book
  6. Blog About an Industry
  7. Become Debt Free
  8. Complete the I Will Teach You To Be Rich Six Week Plan
  9. Perform in Font of a Crowd
  10. Learn to Play an Instrument
  11. Learn a Foreign Language
  12. Slope our Yard Away From our House
  13. Build a Workbench
  14. Build a New Home
  15. Complete my Home To-Do List
  16. Build a Wood Shop
  17. Brew a Batch of Beer
  18. Enter my Beer into a Competition
  19. Complete Toastmasters Distinguished Toastmasters Award
  20. Give a Speech a Week
  21. Start a Nonprofit
  22. Start a Meetup
  23. Complete a Codecademy Tutorial
  24. Master all of the Math Section on Kahn Academy
  25. Travel to Europe
  26. Travel Around the World
  27. Travel to Outer Space
  28. Become an Astronaut
  29. Create a YouTube Channel
  30. Join an Improv Group
  31. Coach a Little League Team
  32. Volunteer my Time
  33. Find Part-Time Tech Work
  34. Get Involved in the Pittsburgh Tech Community
  35. Get Paid to Speak
  36. Perform Standup Comedy
  37. Read a Story at the Moth
  38. Be Featured in the News (For Something Good)
  39. Publish an Article
  40. Write for a Blog/Newspaper/Magazine
  41. Get Paid to Write for a Blog/Newspaper/Magazine
  42. Interview Local Businesses and blog about the interviews
  43. Write a Pittsburgh blog about local business and startups
  44. Run for local office
  45. Become a Senator and Receive the Candlelit Tour Through the Capital Building
  46. Work as a Special Agent
  47. Start a Food Truck
  48. Create a Home Business
  49. Create a Tribe
  50. Write a Children’s Book about my Son & Dog
  51. Read a Biography About Every President
  52. Complete the Art of Maniless Booklist
  53. Complete the PMBA Booklist
  54. Create a YouTube Series
  55. Learn to Dance Professionally
  56. Sing in an Opera
  57. Swim the Ocean City 9 Mile Swim
  58. Build an iPhone App
  59. Swim Across the Hudson Bay
  60. Buy a Bitcoin
  61. Create a Business I can Manage Anywhere
  62. Learn Haskell
  63. Connect with Seth Godin
  64. Connect with Fred Wilson
  65. Publish a Weekly Comic
  66. Learn to Fly a Plane
  67. Drive a Submarine
  68. Visit Every Continent
  69. Build a Soapbox Car with My Son
  70. Design a Product
  71. Give a Sales Pitch like Don Draper
  72. Make a Movie
  73. Write a Play
  74. Create a Startup
  75. Sell a Product I invented
  76. Speak at a Conference
  77. Teach a Class
  78. Speak at a TED Event
  79. Hike the Appalachian Trail
  80. Climb a Mountain
  81. Visit All 50 States
  82. Drive Across the Country
  83. Visit a National Park
  84. Visit all the Wonders of the World
  85. Run a Marathon in Every State
  86. Complete an Ultra Marathon
  87. Complete an Ironman 70.3
  88. Learn to Surf
  89. Drive all the way up the West Coast with my Wife
  90. Eat Sushi in Japan
  91. Flush a Toilet in Australia
  92. Complete a Walkabout
  93. Bike across Europe
  94. Drive/Hike/Bike Across the US
  95. Live in Another Country
  96. Give to Someone I Don’t Know
  97. Write a Thank You a Day
  98. Publish a Blog Post a Day for an Entire Year
  99. Run a Marathon
  100. Complete a Master’s Degree