Why Data Science & AI

For the past few years, I’ve decided that my career in analytics needed an upgrade and that I needed to improve my data skills which lead me to studying data science. Since that time, I’ve taken Coursera courses, learned Python and some R, moved over to technology and focused on data full-time, I’ve almost worked my way through DataCamp’s Python Data Scientist certificate, and for the past few months I’ve started moving to the next step in my plan, Artificial Intelligence.

To do this I’ve started with some foundational training in Deep Learning. I’m been learning about and coding gradient descent, neural networks, and I’ve recently began studying Convolution Neural Networks (CNNs), some of the things I’ll be writing about in the coming days.

This is why I haven’t been writing as much but I want to start using this blog to write about the things I’m learning each day. That could be data science, artificial intelligence, financial markets, economics, books or articles I’ve read or some type of life lesson.

Why AI? Similar to how, a few years ago, that I decided that the future of my career path was headed toward data science, or at least a better understanding of data science. Today, I think the next step of that path is to better understand the field of artificial intelligence and how data science is moving in that direction. It’s a natural progression from my interest in data science. It’s the future. It’s also changing right now and i want to be a part of it.

Every day I want to learn something new. I’ll be using this space to write something about it each day.