Getting back at it

I’ve been gone for a while. The last post on this blog was December 18th, 2018. 2018 was a slow year. I don’t know if I published ten posts that year. It’s hard to believe it wasn’t that long ago, maybe two years, when I published almost every day.

It’s not that I haven’t been writing. I’ve been writing almost every day but it’s been in a notebook with the goal of completing three pages a day. I didn’t always succeed in writing three pages a day but I usually accomplished something most days. Recently, I’ve felt like I needed to get back to writing on this blog with a focus on completing work that will help me achieve my personal and career goals. It’s time to move forward and continue to ship my work.

I’m still thinking about what direction I want to go with this blog. In the past, I did daily posts with the goal of following Seth Godin’s style of being short and to the point. Though I don’t think I ever really accomplished that goal. I also enjoy the habit-forming effect that occurs when you’re trying to publish something every day. The other direction I’ve debated going is the one long post on a weekly time frame that I’ve seen a number of people use. I like both timelines but I think I’m going to try treating this habit like the work week with the goal of publishing Monday through Friday. My hope is this format will allow me to write some longer posts over the weekend that I could publish Monday morning. That’s the goal I’m going to try sticking to for the rest of the summer.

Writing daily posts is one part of the four Mental goals I want to complete each day. Along with writing daily posts, I want to read for an hour a day and atleast one thing I find interesting. The third goal, is my Summer of Data Science (#SoDS2019) goal which is to finally complete Coursera’s Stanford Machine Learning course. I’ve watched almost all of the course videos but now I want to complete all of the projects and post about the experience. Lastly, for the rest of the summer, I want to focus on completing projects. I think my first project will be recreating @friscojosh’s Getting Started with R for NFL Data Analysis tutorial into python. Another project I’m thinking about is converting some of DataCamp’s Quantitative Analyst courses in R to python.

That’s the plan for at least the rest of summer. Then I’ll reevaluate based on the success and the fun I’m having each day. It feels good to be back. I’m looking forward to keeping up with my goals and moving forward.