This past weekend, I watched the new documentary on Robin Williams. It was brilliant in portraying the Robin Williams we knew and loved. It also showed many of the issues that eventually lead him to take his life.

I’m always surprised when people like Robin take their lives. People who I feel have everything in life. Their doing something they love, they seem to have people who love them, their wealthy, and seem to have every opportunity to do what ever they want.

It’s not just Robin Williams. It’s really celebrity that takes their own life. It’s incredible sad to see someone take their own life when many people would view themselves as ultimate successes if they would have achieved this kind of accomplishments.

I think many of these issues seem to strike men the hardest. It seems to happen due to our, “I’m fine,” mentality. That’s the response most men respond when ever someone asks them how their feeling. It’s how many responded to my inquires about his heart issues. He was gone a few weeks later.

It makes me rethink my attitude towards mental and physical health. There is a terrible stigmatism about mental health. It’s considered a weakness. Really, most men view any kind of sickness as a weakness.

What if we quit saying, “I’m fine?” What if we started recognizing our issues or concerns?

We might face some temporary embarrassment but it least they’d be with us.

Photo: Pellinni