It’s amazing how many companies have what seems to be a corporate agenda at trying to ripe you off by deceiving you to pay extra fees. I guess an extra fee here and there adds up to some substantial amount at the end of the quarter. In the long run, I believe these tactics will have an even larger negative impact on their customer loyalty.

That’s the question every leader needs to ask themselves. Are short-term gains more important than long-term success? If my company’s compensation was mainly linked to the company’s performance in the next quarter, or the year, then I’d focus on the short term because my compensation is tied to short-term results. How you incentivize your employees will be the way your results and reputation will develop.

If you play the short-term game, then your company will benefit in the short-term. If your the CEO, that might be enough time to cash out and move on to something else. Though in the long run, your focus on short-term gains could impact the company’s reputation and damage the viability of the business in the long-term. Who benefits in that scenario?

Not your customers, your shareholders, or your employees. Those are the three groups of people every leader should be trying to satisfy.

Photo Credit:krosseel