Many people complain about not having enough time. I was, am, one of those people. I’d wonder how I was going to achieve the things I want in life. I acted like I worked hard but was I really putting in the work that was necessary.

After my kids would go to sleep, I’d spend those two to three hours either watching an episode of the latest TV show or mindlessly scrolling for social media. Trying to work on the couch with the TV on in front of me has proven useless. I do one of two things, either I just watch TV and get no work accomplished or I end up falling asleep on the couch.

That’s why I moved my nightly work to the kitchen. It’s going to be pretty hard to fall asleep in these uncomfortable wooden chairs. If I’m going to fail then I’d rather do it without any excuses. My goal is to start working on my goals after my kids go to bed until about 11, or 12, on Sunday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday will be my days to hangout with my wife and catch up on the tv shows or movies that I’ve been meaning to watch.

If I’m about to stick with this goal, then I’ll be able to complete between 12 and 17 hours a week towards achieving my goals. It’s definitely worth a try to see what I can accomplish.

Photo Credit: Alvimann