On Friday, I watched the Showtime documentary, TRUMPED: INSIDE THE GREATEST POLITICAL UPSET OF ALL TIME, which was never before scene footage from the Showtime series, The Circus. The Circus was my favorite show from 2016. Talk about the best year to ever create a weekly show on the presidential election. If you voted for Trump then I’m not sure if you’ll like the show. It might also reassure of his idea that the mainstream media is against him. If you voted for Hillary, then you’ll probably feel like a gut punch that you probably felt after the election was over.

In the end, I felt the show was fair and honest. Though the people might have been amazed that Trump was elected. I feel it was more at the idea of this particular man being elected and not necessarily directed at a particular party.

If you haven’t watched the series, then I highly suggest you watch it. Even though the election is over, the series is a good documentary on the political process.

Photo Credit: Showtime