Two opposing forces

I’ve been thinking about love and hate, and why there is so much hate in the world.

My theory: 

Hate is easy. It requires almost no effort. You don’t need a justification to hate anyone. Someone either does something to you, or you simply don’t like someone.

Love is different. Love is not easy. It requires effort. You need a justification. You need to experience love. Go out and meet people. You have to care for others. 

What would this world, or even our own lives, be like if we all chose to make more of an effort to love one another. The best reason I can give is that hate doesn’t solve anything. There isn’t one conflict, relationship, or life that was saved by hate. Only love can save those things.

I’m thinking about how I can love and appreciate the important people in my life. I want spend less time hating and more time loving.