One at a time

I wrote about my whole year wall calendar a couple of weeks back. I was going to place an X on the calendar for each of my five goals. It’s been going pretty well and pretty consistent with all of my goals but I’m not completing every one of them each day. Which is causing some holes in my chain.

The past week, I was thinking about the popular Jerry Seinfeld quote about not breaking the chain of big red Xs on his wall calendar. The thing about Jerry Seinfeld’s quote is that he was only talking about one goal. While everything you read about the quote on any productivity website talks about doing four or five things at a time.

The question I ended up asking myself was, “If one goal was a enough for Jerry Seinfeld than it should be good enough for me.” Why should I, or you, be choosing multiple goals when the guy with more money than anyone writing on a productivity website only chose one?

Don’t over think. Choose your most import goal and put all your effort into achieving it.

One at a time.