Day in and day out. Sometimes it starts to feel old. Sometimes you want to change it up. That’s fine, but you need to understand what works. What allows you to get the work that you need to get done accomplished today.

Do you wake up early or stay up late?

Do you workout first thing in the morning, during lunch, after work, or late at night while everyone else is zoning out in front of the tv?

Do you write every morning before anyone else is awake or after everyone turns out the lights?

Do you meditate first thing in the morning?

Do you practice gratitude?

Do you write a blog post?

Do you read the news?

Do you teach yourself to code?

Anything you try to achieve you’ll usually do so by setting routines. The first week is always exciting because it’s new. The second week is fine because it’s still new and you usually don’t have to do anything difficult yet. The third week is when most people struggle.

You get through the difficult third week by establishing routines in the first two weeks. Make your routines simple. Complete them around the same time each day. That way I have no excuse not to complete your routine.

Is it easy? No.

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