It’s almost the end of the year. Now is the time to start wrapping up your yearly goals, or figuring out how much longer you’ll need to complete them. If you put in the work throughout the year then you’re probably feeling pretty good right about now.

If not, then you’ve either given up on your goals or struggled to keep up. That’s life. I always have a few things I wish I could have done better over the course of the year.

I consider this week my final workweek of the year. Next week, I reserve for review and planning for next year. I’ll think about each of my current goals, and what I was able to accomplish and what could have gone better throughout the year. My review process can typically take about two days. One day to write out my thoughts. A night to think about and reevaluate the previous day’s notes. The rest of the week is spent planning my goals for the next year by creating a list of everything I want to accomplish, then narrowing the list down to about ten goals, and finally writing out exactly how I’ll accomplish each goal going forward.

There are only a few days left. It’s time to get back work. Celebrate the holidays. Then get ready to hit the ground running come January 2nd.

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