Improvisation might be one of the best skills you can learn. Life almost never goes exactly as planned. What you do after something doesn’t go your way is the crucial to your future. Will you let one negative event ruin your entire day, month, or year? Now it does depend on the event. I’m talking about small stuff like going to bed late which makes you sleep in and causes you to skip some of your morning routine.

I used to be bad when something simple screwed up my plans. If I woke up late then I’d let it negatively affect my entire day. I miss my time to write in the morning so I give myself the excuse that it was okay not to write all day or I’d miss my workout at lunch so I’d agree to do it tomorrow instead of after work.

The problem with making those innocent compromises  is that I’d let tomorrow come and go again without working out or writing. A missed day turned into a week or a month. I horrible at improvising.

I still struggle with routines. There are days when I still go to bed too late and wake late as well. The thing I have gotten better with is improvising. I don’t let a wrecked routine ruin my entire day. If I don’t write in the morning, then I fit it in during lunch or before bed.

My main goal is to develop and stick to a consistent routine. Consistently doing something at the same time each day is the best way to turn a particular act into a habit. I just don’t want my life to be held captive to a routine because life doesn’t care about our routines.

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