Everyone wants to be in the spotlight. They want to be on the front page. They want the poster of them dunking on the other person.

That’s not what wins the game. The real hero, or moment, is the work never seen on the front page, It’s not the moment in the spotlight, or the person dunking the ball. It’s the work when your all by yourself. It’s working on your business, it’s writing in the morning, and it’s about all those hours you spent practicing your shot.

You’ll never have your moment in the sun without doing all those little things first. If you ever have a moment. An astronaut could work all their life and maybe go to space once. You need to love the work. Love the work enough that you might never have you’re picture on the front page of the newspaper, make the best sellers list, or the highlight reel.

Dancing in the shadows might sound dark and scary. It’s not. It’s were the magic happens. It’s where every great thing was ever created.

Right under our noses when nobody was watching.
Photo by kconnors at Morguefile.com