Don’t stop

Stopping can be good sometimes.

You should stop, and look both ways, before you cross the street. You should also stop to take a walk periodically throughout your day.

In those instances stopping could save your life. It’s good to stop when stopping whatever you’re doing can have a direct negative impact in your life.

I want to talk about the instances when you stop yourself from achieving something positive like losing weight, learning to code, becoming a better writer or public speaker. All of those things are difficult to achieve. None of them will be achieved over night.  The only way to achieve any of those goals is to continuously work on them each day. All of the above goals, and really most goals, will take years to accomplish. The benefits of achieving any goal can be immense. Then why do most of us fail within the first few weeks?

Changing for the better is hard. Usually, there are not many immediate rewards. You’ll need to figure those out on your own by making your own set of mini goals like running a mile without stopping, writing a piece of code, writing a certain number of blog posts, or giving a speech.

The benefits of working on good daily habits comes in the long run. They lead to a healthier life, job opportunities, or new friends.

Bringing up the difficulties and lack of immediate rewards is not the best way to motivate someone. I’m doing it because I’m not hear to lie, or mislead you. Nobody can force you to change your behavior. There is no set of rules or how-to guide. It’s on you. They’ll be days you’ll fail. They’ll be days you don’t accomplish any of the goals you set for yourself. You’ll be discouraged and want to stop.

The day after is when you’ll find out exactly how bad you want something. Will you let one missed day turn into a week, a month, or a year, or will you wake up the next morning determined to give your goals everything you have? Yesterday is over. Today’s a new day. Now go get something accomplished. Nobody else is going to do it for you.

Stop if you want. Nobody else can make you keep going. If that’s true, then you only have yourself to blame when your future doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to be.