Over two years of blog posts

The anniversary for this blog has came and went. I didn’t make much of a big deal about since I’ve struggled to write over the last few weeks. In my first year of daily blog posts, I nearly hit my goal of a post a day. My 2015 total came to 356 posts. This year I’ll probably end with about one hundred less posts.

Today, I’m thinking about what went wrong and how I can improve going forward.  The first six months of this year went well but I kept getting hung up towards the end of the especially these last two months.

The main issue is that I’ve experimented unsuccessfully to change my daily writing routine. Today, I’m back to simply writing into the WordPress browser. I’m going to continue with this method going forward because one of my 2017 BIG goals will be to make it another whole year of daily blog posts.

I can’t be too hard on my self. In the two years since I made it my goal of writing every single day. I’ve writing almost six-hundred blog posts. That’s more than I’ve probably written in my entire life.

In the end, I think this blog is helping me to achieve my main goal which is to become a  better writer. Here’s hoping I’ll have written over six-hundred more posts two years from now.