Why do anything without a paycheck

When you ask most people why they show up to work each day. You rarely get an answer related to passion or love. Typically, they tell you about the paycheck. Many of us choose what we do based on the dollar value the job holds. Some of us do it because we have to, some because we want to, and others because they don’t know any other way. I don’t blame people either way. I understand that we all need to do the things to make ends meet. Though after the financial security of your family is taken care the idea of doing something for the money tends to be the wrong decision. Instead you should make career decisions based on what you’ll learn from the experience.

That’s why it can be hard to do the things that don’t give a paycheck. That’s one of the conversations I have with many people around Toastmasters, but the same conversation can happen around anything when there is no immediate financial benefit. I don’t make money by attending Toastmasters meetings. What has happened, and I think my attending weekly Toastmasters meetings has helped, is that my salary has doubled from new career opportunities over my period of involvement with Toastmasters. I don’t think it’s a mere coicideience.

This idea around only doing things that you’re paid to do is one of the biggest differences between the most successful people. Those people are doing things that interest them or help them to grow as a person. Moving forward in you life, developing into the person you want to be, is about making decisions today that will lead to either future success or failure ten years from now.

Many of us want everything right now. We don’t appreciate the process, but the process is exactly what we all need to enjoy. That’s what the people succeeding in life understand.