Must Love Data Monday: Learn Python The Hard Way

I still find it kind of amazing at how easily it is to fall out of a habit. For over a year, I was writing almost daily blog posts. Then for the past two months I’ve hardly written at all. I’m going to fall well short of my goal of writing a daily blog post. At this point, I’m trying to simply get back into the daily habit.

That’s why I’ve decided to bring back my old Must Love Data Monday posts about my journey into Data Science. A journey I began about two years ago. Since that time I’ve learned a lot. At the same time I also feel like I still have an ending road to travel. During this time, I’ve worked through a lot of tutorials, MOOCs, and read books, and gotten a new career working with Big Data.

Each week, I’ll write about what I’ve accomplished, read, or learned during the following week. Currently, I’ve been working my way through Zed Shaw’s, Learn Python The Hard Way. One of the many books a number of people have recommended but I’ve never completed all of the tutorials.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be completing all of the tutorials in LPTHW. On Monday of each week, I’ll discuss what I learned and found useful, and I’ll also talk about what I plan to complete next week.

I’m hoping this weekly post will be useful for other people that are interested in Data Science. Maybe you’ll find something that interests you. For me, I’m also being a little selfish. I’m using this weekly post as motivation to continue pushing forward, increasing my skills and knowledge, and gaining the types of skills needed to be a data scientist.

This week, I’ll be learning about reading and writing files, and functions.