What’s next

I’m listening to a Fresh Air interview of ‘Veep’ actor Tony Hale. He’s talking about a lot of topics like his career, early life, characters, and work habits but the one thing he talked about which caught my attention is the idea of ‘what’s next’ when thinking about your career.

He was referring to his time in New York as an actor performing in mostly commercials that allowed him to afford his own place. The problem with that time period is that he never lived in the moment. Instead, he was focused on getting a sitcom role. When he eventually got his sitcom, he was upset when he found that it didn’t make him as happy as he always thought it would. That experience made him realize that he wasn’t appreciating the journey.

That’s similar to my experience. I haven’t reached my main goal but I have this feeling about part of my twenties that I wasn’t living in the moment. I wasn’t appreciating my life. Instead I was focused on the next thing.

The next job. The next vacation. The next event.  Always the next thing.

Sometimes I look back and try to think about how quickly it flew by. It wasn’t until my father passed away that I began realizing my mistakes. I realized that I needed to present in my life.

I’m not perfect at it but I’m continuing to work on it. That’s all you can do. Be aware of it. Then work at not focusing on the future because then things that truly matter are happening right before you.