Overthinking it

My problem, or one of my problems, is that I’m constantly overthinking certain situations and the things I need to complete. There are times  when I can take a simple task that should take five minutes and I could will end up turning it into fifteen, or twenty, minutes because I’m spending too much time in my head daydreaming about what I want to say. Sometimes I feel like I have a daydreaming problem

Many of us have the tendency to overthink certain situations instead of taking action. This overthinking leads us to inaction because we’ll think about all the negatives, all the positives, what to say, what not to say, who we’ll offend, who will care, or all the other possible options we have in life. Then we’ll run into one insignificant item that will drive us crazy. Other times, it might not be insignificant. There may be a lot of positive benefits that outweigh the one negative, yet, we’ll let the one negative to allow ourselves to question our decision.

While writing, I find myself constantly over thinking every sentence. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog post, email, or letter. I’ll spend way too much time in my head rather than on the page. I guess some people might consider this feeling, writer’s block. I’m not a big fan of this term.  Though I think writer’s block is simply overthinking the process of writing. Writer’s block is when you’re stuck inside you’re own head trying to be perfect. This blog post isn’t perfect. If I needed my writing to be perfect then I’d never write. That’s what I’ve learned from listening, and reading, about other professional writers.  Many of them don’t believe in writer’s block. The solution to writer’s block, that most writers recommend, is to keep writing. Write about anything. Writer about your plans for today. Write about what happened to you yesterday. It can be anything but the important this is to write. Anytime I find myself stuck I’ll fall back to this old rule: “Action is better than inaction.” It’s worked for me every time.

Yesterday, I wrote about the podcast, The Moment with Brian Koppelman, in my Bookbinge post about the book, Hemingway On Writing.  During the podcast, Brian talks about how writing is one of the few professions when you’re expected to be great the first time you attempt to write anything.

That’s the story behind this blog. I’m not a great writer. I don’t know if I’ll ever be a great writer. What I do know is I’ll never be a great writer if I don’t write every day. That’s the goal of this blog.  That’s why I’m back to writing a daily blog post. That’s why I originally made the commitment almost two years ago. Not money, not fame, and not anything other then me simply wanting to improve my writing because even the most famous writers, like Hemingway, would write every day.