Lately, I’ve been thinking about one of my mottos, “There is always an excuse.” The other day I wanted to go running in the morning before work.  I came downstairs to get dressed and go running, except I discovered that I forgot my contacts in the upstairs bathroom. Instead of going upstairs to get them. I decided to not get them because I didn’t wake up my kids at 6am. I let a simple mistake like forgetting my contacts give me the excuse to not workout that day.

My goal for the next week is to spend some time thinking about the possible ways I could try removing excuses around the things I want to achieve in life.

Below is an example of what I’ll try to write for each of my goals.

How can I remove the excuses I use to not workout in the morning, I could do the following:

  • Make a breakfast protein shake the night before.
  • Gather all the things I need to workout in the morning onto my downstairs kitchen table:
    • running shorts
    • shirt
    • socks
    • shoes
    • headphones and ipod
    • contacts and solution
  • prep coffee the night before


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