Learning how to talk with people is so overlooked in our society.  When you’re young, you learn your language. I learned English. After that experience. Most people don’t have any more education on communication unless they’re forced to give a presentation at school or work.

We focus on my math, programming, and general business knowledge. That’s not really the job of most business majors who are working in companies around the world. Most of us are spending the majority of our time communicating with someone else. Many of us our doing a poor job of it.

Take almost any job you can think of that a business major would perform. Yeah, you need knowledge about specific topics if your an accountant or investment analyst, but in the end your being paid due to your ability to communicate results to someone. You could be responsible for communicating results to your boss, other departments, customers, or your fellow coworkers.

That’s why everyone should spend some time improving their communication skills. That’s why CEOs and managers usually make more than analysts. They should be able to communicate their message. If you ever want to get to a similar role in your organization then you’ll need excellent communication skills.

Having a degree from a good school and being smart is a great start but if you can’t convince people to follow you than it doesn’t matter how smart you are because no one will be listening.

Photo by dharder at Morguefile.com