I’ve tried waking up early, I’ve tried waking up late. I prefer to wake up early but I feel like I can’t wake up early enough to accomplish everything I want before I have to get ready for work.

That’s why I’ve went back and forth between waking up early and going to be late. The only positive I have to staying up late is it’s much easier to stay up an extra hour then it is to wake up an hour earlier. Getting out of bed anytime before 5 am is difficult.

The other positive to staying up late is I can cut out a bunch of wasted time I spend in front of the TV. I usually put my kids to bed around 8:30. I hardly ever go to be before 11pm anyway. Instead of sitting on the couch watching TV, I should be achieving my goals from 9-12.

That’s exactly what I ended up doing last night. I completed three hours of work towards my goals. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a little tired this morning, because my kids wake up around 6am, but I’m not getting any less sleep then I was getting by going to bed at 11pm and waking up by 5am. Staying up late at night allows accomplish much more.

If I can work from 9-12am for just the weekdays. I’ll be able to focus on my goals for 15 hours a week which would be a drastic improvement from what I accomplish today.

Waking up early or staying up late to work on your goals are both challenging and an accomplishment for those who achieve the regular habit. In the end, it comes down to who wants to succeed more.

How bad do you want it? Your morning and nightly routine will usually give you the answer.

Photo by RaspberryLime at Morguefile.com