Today, I’m thinking about procrastination and education. A year out of college I was already thinking about going back for a graduate. A few more years later I ended up deciding to go get a graduate degree in technology.

I enjoy school and even since I’ve been out of school I still spend a lot of my reading.  Education doesn’t stop once school ends.  Any successful person out there is working their butt off trying to learn as much as they can.  They might not be reading books or taking free courses but there are many different types of ways to increase your education.  School is but one of those options.

There is a danger to avoid when thinking about going back to school. It’s not much different than life in general.  The question you should ask yourself before going back for a graduate degree is, “What is your purpose for getting this degree?” If you your purpose is simply that you don’t have a job then you need to rethink your decision.  We all rationalize a lot of things in our lives but the dead serious thing you need to think about before getting a graduate degree is if it is worth the experience.  Degrees are not free.  For most people, the only thing you’ll ever spend more money on is your degree.

I’ve earned a graduate degree. Was it for the right reasons?  I mean it felt good to be in the program and to earn a graduate degree. It was something my parents always wanted me to do. If think in the end I’ll look back and realize it was useful.

There are days I think about getting an MBA. I even look at programs and somewhat regret not getting one earlier. For me, this daydreaming about MBAs is a form of procrastination.  It’s a part of the resistence. I think about the things I could do if only I had an MBA. In reality, it’s an excuse. It don’t need that degree to do the things I want in life. Three years in a part-time MBA program would be an excuse. I use it to explain why I hadn’t achieved my goals. I’d use an excuse like, “I don’t have enough time. I’ll do X after I finish my MBA.”

I’m not going to lie.  The idea of taking a break. The idea of letting go of all of these goals so I could focus on an MBA seems like a vacation. If I’m being honest with myself I’d call it by it’s real name, procrastination. Procrastination is something we need to fight against every day. It comes in many forms. Too much education is simply one of mine.

No, I won’t be going back to school unless someone decides to pay the $100,000 bill that comes with the experience. I’m going to stick to my goals and learn while doing. I’ve had enough formal education. It’s time to learn on my own. To create my own personal real life MBA based on the projects I choose.

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