I’m a big fan of the book, actually notebook, Seth Godin published a few years ago based on Zig Ziglar’s goals program called Pick Four. I bought two 4 packs of the notebooks and I went through about 3 copies. Four I’ve given away, which Seth recommends, to people I thought would benefit from the program. I have one left.  I’ve found them incredibly useful.  They’ve allowed to achieve my biggest goals over the past few years. I was going to use it for the end of the year but I’ve decided to create my own expanded version in an old notebook my wife bought me a number of years ago.

This notebooks is kind of like an expanded version of the Pick Four notebook.  In the Pick Four notebook your meant to create a list of goals which should be pretty much everything you want to achieve. You then cut that list until you find your four most important and balanced goals that fall under one of Zig Ziglars seven areas of life. Those areas are Career, Financial, Family, Spiritual, Social, Mental, and Physical. In my goals notebook, I’ve created a goal for each of those seven areas plus two more goals (Selfish and Travel) for motivation I felt was missing from Zig’s seven areas. A Selfish goal is based on the things I want in life for my own selfish reasons like a new pair of sneakers, a tribike for the Ironman 70.3 I want to complete next year, or wireless Beats headphones. The Travel goal is based on my wife and I’s always growing list of places we want to go in life. We always talk about the places we want to travel. It’s important aspect of both of our lives. Some of our favorite memories have occur on trips we’ve taken together. That’s made me realize that instead of talking about those vacations. If it’s important I should create a goal to achieve them.

That’s lead to the second section of this notebook which is my list of wants and places I want to travel. Each night I spend some time reading this list and thinking about how I’m going to achieve each one of those goals. I visualize the experience of taking that trip or buying that item. I do this to engrain that felling and emotion in my subconscious. Nightly goal reading is a habit I’ve found in a number of successful people, like Daymond John the creator of FUBU but who might be more popular as one of sharks on Shark Tank, who does this nightly habit and contributes a lot of their success to the practice.

When I first worked with a goals notebook, I struggled to stick with it every day. Until, I was listening to a Zig Ziegler’s Goals audiobook and he gave a tip that I now use. His advice was to keep it under your pillow.  Every morning, I write down my goals for the day and then put the notebook under my pillow. That way before I go to bed at night I have to physically move the book before going to bed which forces me to open it and review my progress towards each goal.  Then I repeat the same habit the following day.

That’s pretty much it.  I’ve written about the Pick Four notebook process a number of times. I’ve found it to be the best way any goal you have in life. In the end I don’t know if this will work for everyone.  We’re all different but the Pick Four program is a good starting point for anyone who is interested in achieving more than they currently are.

Would you leave for vacation without any idea of where you were going to go? Then why are most of us doing that very thing with our goals.

Photo by Corey Keller.