You and an artist

The only difference between you and an artist is that they write, paint, draw, sculpt, build, photograph, dance, sing, act, speak, improvise, start, give, code, run, lift, fly, jump, swim, scribble, splash, flail, fall, trip, catch, catalog, curate, journal, research, answer, finish, enter, accept, realize, question, point, ask, go, stop, ship, appreciate, feel, anger, and open.

They do the work. The difference them and yourself is nothing.  They just believe that they can create art and you don’t.

Picasso’s first painting wasn’t the Mona Lisa. He started out painting worse pictures than you, if you sat down right now to paint a picture. How? Because you’ve at least done it before.

Millions of kids from elementary school to college are calling themselves artists yet nobody has paid them a penny for any of their work.

Why are they an artist and you are not?

Because they are doing two things that you are probably not. They are showing up every day to do what they love and the believe in themselves.

I’ve had a hard time calling myself a writer but that’s what I really want to be. I don’t get paid for any of it.  Somedays these posts seem awful. But I’ve written more in a year than most people will write in their lifetime. I show up every day to write, to do what I love, because I want to improve my writing. I’m doing what every other person out there in the world who calls themselves an artist is busy achieving. We’re doing the work.

The good news is that it’s never been easier to join us. All you need to do is contribute.

Photo by WorkingKind at Morguefile.