You’ll hear a lot of people complain about routines. They say things like, “This is the  same old routine.” Routines are considered boring, stale, and no fun.

I used to think the same thing about routines until I realized that they are the key to any type of success. Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t win Mr. Olympia without a workout routine. Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t have created Facebook without learning to code which took a routine of writing some code every day. Andy Warhol didn’t paint one Campbell’s soup can. They had routines that helped them paint, workout, and build a business.

Now I have a lot of routines. I write these blog posts. I give weekly speeches. I lift weights or run six days a week. I write some code, read, meditate, practice gratitude, and review my goals every night.

No, a routine won’t let you complete your goal overnight. Nothing will let you do that. The only way to complete any large goal is to develope a routine where you complete a small step or two every single day.

Photo by DarrenHester at Morguefile.