If you listen to extremely successful people it seems they all had some type of crazy goal that motivated them. Gary Vaynerchuk wants to buy the New York Jets. Jim Carey wrote himself a check for a million dollars. Tony Robbins talks about creating big ridiculous goals in your life. One of his big goals was to own this castle on the California coast that overlooked the Pacific. He eventually bought that house.

Why set big ridiculous goals? Tony Robbins thinks most of us sell ourselves short. We compromise. It’s one of the reasons we lack the necessary commitment to achieve the goals we really want. It’s also easier to set compromised goals. Just because the goal is more reasonable to achieve doesn’t mean you’re more likely to achieve it. You could actually be less likely due to the fact that it’s not your main goal.

It has me thinking about the big ridiculous goals I want create in my life. I guess I should create one for each of my nine current themes


The one big ridiculous goal I know I want to achieve is that I want to be one of the crazy people signing up to take a flight into space with Richard Branson’s space company, Virgin Galactic. I want to be the type of person who has the type of decretionary money to buy a $250,000 ticket to space.

I’ve always been fascinated with space and I’m not going to become an astronaut the old fashioned way so if I want to go to space one day than it’ll need to be by financial success.

If I look at my above nine themes then I’d place that goal as my big ridiculous Travel goal. For my Social goal, I want to raise a million dollars for charity.

This weekend, I’ll be thinking about the rest. 

What are your big ridiculous goals? Figure them out, plan it, and get started.

Photo by Russel Ray at Russel Ray Photos.