Why is the way home faster then the drive to your destination? 

I like to think the reason it seems faster is due to the route being fresh in your mind. If you spent a week at home and then decided to take another vacation to the same location then I think you would find the drive to vacation would seem faster than your original drive. 

It’s similar to any goal you’re trying to accomplish. At the beginning of any new goal, I’ll wake up with the nagging voice in my head saying, “Are we there yet?” Now I understand how annoying that must have been to repeat to my parents over and over again from the backseat. Maybe this is payback.

New goals are similar to car rides on vacations. Everything is exciting when you first start out but as each hour passes your frustration starts to mount. You’ll need to stop for meals, go to the bathroom, stretch your legs, pay tolls, deal with traffic, or sleep. It’s really the same experiences you’ll have when you try to achieve any goal. Swap tolls for school, degrees, licenses, certifications, web hosting, freelancers, or whatever else you need to pay. Then swap traffic for any roadblock you experience: regulations, negotiations, acceptance, projects, etc.

Sometimes both drives to vacation and goals feel like they’ll never end until they do. That’s the funny thing about both of these things. It’s much easier to go home or not achieve a goal. On the flip side, it’s much easier to go do it again after you’ve already accomplished it once. 

The sooner you try it again the better.

Photo by earl53 at Morguefile.com