How many hours do you waste on television every week?  You might feel like it’s not a waste.  I admit there is a lot of good TV today.  Almost too much good TV.  I don’t have enough time to watch it all. That being said.

How much TV do you watch that you never planned on watching that week or even the moment when you turned the TV on at night? Are you mindlessly drifting from one show to the next.  You might have turned the TV on to watch one half hour program but by the end of the night you’ve sat through four hours of TV.

Try tracking how much TV you watch during the week.  Write down the shows and the time of day you watched them.  After a week, go back and add up the time. The main focus is to review the list of shows to see what you actually cared to watch. It’s okay to watch TV.  I love certain shows like Game of Thrones and House of Cards. I’m trying this experiment to see how much time I spend watching TV and how much time I spend watching the shows I care about.

That’s why I’m going to practice listing what TV shows I want to watch each week. Then I’m going to focus on only watching those shows during the following week.


Vice Principals


Charlie Rose The Week

Just thinking about the shows I want watch makes me think of even more shows I feel the need to watch like Billions, Bloodlines, Stranger Things, The Night Of, Bojack Horseman, Fargo, and Mr. Robot. 

The goal is not spend my time watching TV like most of spend our lives: drifting. I want a purpose in everything.

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