Dance moves

Why are people afraid to dance? I remember attending a six grade social that was similar to most middle school dances. Most of the boys huddled together on one side of the gym while the girls stood on the opposite end.

None of us wanted to embarrass ourselves in the middle of the dance floor so we’ll stood there like idiots. Now I love dancing. I probably look awful most of the time while doing it but who cares as long as you like doing it.

As I watch my kids grow up I’m amazed at their exciting for all the little things in life and their spontaneous reactions.  They’ll say what they want whenever they want.  They’re not afraid to dance in public. If they want to draw or color or read then they’ll go do it.They haven’t been scared by embarrassment, shame, or rejection.  It’s a beautiful age.  I’d love for it to last forever even though I know I can’t protect them from everything. One of my main goals in life is to foster this spontaneous love of doing the things the love and not apologizing for them.

Work on your dance moves.  Don’t be afraid to use them.  Nobody really hates to dance or sing or laugh.  They just think they might embarrass themselves while doing it.

It’s time to get over your fears.  The only way to do that is by doing them.