George Washington and Strategy

We see our heroes as the finished product. We don’t see their work or care about the work they created while they were still amateurs. In George Washington’s first battle as the commanding officer he won but bumbled the surrender of French forces by allowing the Indians fighting with him to scalp all the surrendered French soldiers. 

In his second battle he made every wrong decision that almost lead to his whole army being killed.

George Washington made many mistakes but he learned from those mistakes to help him one day lead the United States to victory over the British during the Revolutionary War.

Hemingway wrote books and essays people didn’t like to read. Picasso painted worthless pictures. Frank Lloyd Wright built little homes in places like New Castle, PA.

If they didn’t continue producing their work then we’d never know or care about these mistakes. A Picasso mistake might be worth thousands, or millions, of dollars.

You’ll make bad paintings, write grammatically incorrect sentences, miscalculate, or misplace a semicolon in your code. That doesn’t mean your shouldn’t try. It means the exact opposite.

You will never make something perfect if you don’t make a lot of imperfect things first. George Washington didn’t become a great leader over night.