Love over hate

Will you choose love over hate?

Hate is easy. It’s satisfying to say in the short term. There is no real effort needed to be made to hate someone. You just can.

Love is a little harder for most of us. It’s true. You can love as easily as you can hate. In a perfect world we’d all be so gifted. The problem with love is that it exposes you to pain. There is nothing more painful then declaring your love for someone and then have that person either not love you or break that trust.

Hate doesn’t expose you to this type of pain. Someone can’t hurt you if you already hate them. The tricky part is that hating people for too much for too long can numb you emotions to almost everything no matter how horrible. For an example you only need to look at some of the comments on social media. People say things that they’d never dare say in public.

Why should you choose love over hate? It’s easy to hate but that’s all there is. Love offers you a much more deeper experience. It offers you growing relationships with family, friends, and complete strangers. Love can open you eyes to the endless possibilities in life. When you choose love, you choose acceptance. It’s not all fun and games. It can be hard. It will be challenging. In the end it is totally worth it.

It’s a choice. A very important choice. Will you expose your self by choosing love over hate? Our world not just your life depends on it.