To the beach and back again.

Today’s my first day back from the beach with my family. This year, I decided to take a week off from all of my commitments and goals. I spent most of the week playing with my kids. 

I did come up with a lot of blog post ideas that I’ll be sharing this week. I like taking the week off because it allows me to think about what commitments are really important. If by the end of the week, I’m dying to get back into my habits then I stick with them. If I forget about them or feel relieved then I’ll cut them out.

It’s pretty simple. 

The goals I’ve been itching to get back into we’re my daily writing, workouts, speaking, and focusing furthering my career.

This week, I’ll be posting the blog post ideas i came up with on my vacation. I’ll also be thinking about my goals to finish out 2016.