When to stick and when to quit

What’s the difference between success and failure?


Read about any person who’s earned some type of success. There is always a similar theme in their lives. The are usually born or grow up with some type of disadvantage: poverty, disability, or the loss of someone they cared about. They were faced with some type of set back. This is the point in the story where successful people differ from the rest. Most people give up when faced with a set back, or what Seth Godin likes to call, The Dip.

Basically, The Dip is the point in  any project when you have to decide to stick with the project or quit. When your in the dip it’s hard to tell which is the right decision. Sticking with a project can lead to success but sticking to the wrong project can waste time and money.

Successful people realize that The Dip is a part of the process of achieving their goal. If you believe in the project and your main goal, then you need to persist through the dip.  It’s the only way you’ll make it to the other side.