Too much TV

My wife and I were talking about how much great TV is out there. The majority of it is not on typical cable channels like ABC, NBC, or CBS. Most of it lives on HBO, Showtime and Netflix with AMC, FX, and most recently, USA, with Mr. Robot.

The main problem with all of this great television is all the time it can consume. It’s really the problem with TV in general. How many times have put on a show you wanted to watch only to have it end and you continue to watch the next show then the show after that. The next thing you know your half hour or hour long show turned into two or three hours of stuff you didn’t even care to watch.

I used to have this problem. Once we had our first child, we started watching a lot of TV because you spend most of your time either feeding the baby or holding them while they sleep. It made me realize that I needed to do something to stop myself from zoning out in front of the tv at night.

I took some advice from Zig Zigler. I don’t circle the shows I want to watch in my TV guide at the beginning of the week because I got get a weekly paper with a TV guide. What I do is at the beginning of the week I make a note of the shows i want to watch for that week. Then I watch those shows and as soon as the show is over I turn off the TV.

This keeps me from zoning out in front of the tv either binge watching episodes or, even worse, watching stuff I would have never watched normally.

Each week choose the shows you want to watch, watch them, and then get back to living your life. Don’t sit back and let life pass you by.