For the past twenty days, I’ve been mediating for ten minutes a day. I decided to try this habit because a number of people that I admire seem to all have some type of meditation habit.

While listening to the Tim Ferris podcast I was introduced to an app called Headspace. The app has a ten day, ten minute mediation introduction called Take 10. It’s free, but any further lessons require a paid subscription, so I’ve completed Take 10 twice but it’s enough for me to get started.

I’ve been really happy so far. I feel great afterwards, I’ve been making time to stick to my habit, it’s helping me work on my concentration, and it gives me a few minutes to simply clear my head of everything I have going on in my life.

When I first began this habit, I thought paying for a subscription was crazy. Though I don’t plan to subscribe today, I think a Headspace subscription would be one of the best gifts someone could give me. I’m interested in what else the app has to offer because the first ten lessons have mad a major impact in my life.

That’s much more valuable than the roughly $9 a month to subscribe. How much is healthy well being worth.