Boo Hoo

Have things not gone the way you wanted in life?  Did you not get the job, salary, opportunity, partner, mentor, friend, parent, lover, or life you thought you deserved? Boo-Hoo.  Go cry to someone else.  Life isn’t fair.

Guess what? This world doesn’t care. It’s cold and heartless.  Life goes on.  People move on. Nobody cares if you feel cheated, angry, sad, mad, stupid, jealous, or indifferent.

Everyone has their own stuff to handle.

This world and life move in one direction, forward.  You can dwell on the past.  Maybe you’ve been dwelling on the past.  How has that worked out for you?  Are you any better off? No?

Dwelling on the past solves nothing. Instead, figure out what you can learn from that experience.  Take 5 min to think about the thing you’ve been dwelling on.  Then move on to figure out what you can do now to put you in the position to achieve the things you want.

Quite crying about the past.  It’s over. Move on to something you can actually impact. This world doesn’t care about your plan.  You either roll with the punches or you get taken down.