How do you look at life? Is everything a challenge or struggle to overcome? Or do you take every circumstance as an opportunity? 

Two different views by two different kinds of people can lead to two drastically different types of outcomes. Your attitude determines a lot of what you accomplish and how you feel while doing it.

A positive attitude isn’t easy. It’s easier to be miserable. Another way to look at this issue is to think about the type of person you like to be around. Do you like being around people who are miserable, sad, whinny, or helpless? I’m guessing your answer is, “No.” If you don’t like being around negative people, then how do you think your spouse, family, friends, and coworkers feel. 

You attitude can have a much deeper effect on your life then you might have thought possible. When you wake up in the morning will you choose to look at the start of your day as an opportunity?

HT Zig Zigler