Arnold Swartzenagar didn’t win Mr. Olympia after spending one day in the gym.

Roger Bannister didn’t run a four minute mile during his first run.

Hemingway didn’t write For Whom the Bell Tolls in his first attempt at writing.

Piccaso didn’t paint the Mona Lisa in his first attempt at painting.

George Washington didn’t lead America  to freedom in his first attempt at leading an army.

Warren Buffett didn’t make a billion dollars on his first investment.

These people didn’t achieve their success after one day. They didn’t even accomplish these goals after one year. Most view all of the above as having been successful in their choosen career. It’s important to remember that it didn’t happen overnight.

It took them working hard and failing for a decade or two before anyone considered them successful. If it took them a decade, why do you think you’re any different?