Father’s Day

Did you have a great dad growing up? Is he still alive or has he passed away? If he’s still alive I hope you spent some time with him today. If not, then give him a call tomorrow to tell him how you feel and what he’s meant to you. You never know the last time you’ll have this opportunity. Don’t regret not having this conversation.

If he did pass away, think of a way you can honor his contribution to your life. Give to charity, write a story, help someone else in need, or complement a good father you know.

Most importantly, if your a father with children of your own. I hope you spent this day with them. Live in the moment. Appreciate life. Realize that you’ve been given one of the greatest gifts this life has to offer. The love of a child.

Don’t let it go to waste. Enjoy your day.

Happy Father’s Day!