I guess the first answer is that it depends. I’m going to assume what you’re participating in doesn’t involve any illegal activities. If it does, then you should probably not participate.

I’m talking about is participating professionally and personally. Participating at work, participating in development outside of work, or participating in events with family and friends. I have a confession. I love saying “No” to things. It’s so much easier to stay home and not participate than it is to go to that meetup, write that speech, take that course, or meet a new friend.

For a number of years in my life, I said no to a lot of the opportunities in my life. It really hindered my professional and personal life. After my father passed away, I realized how big a mistake that’s been in my life.

I’m better at saying ‘yes’ to new experiences but I’m far from perfect. Usually, I’ve found that saying ‘yes’ has never lead me into an experience I regretted.  Almost every time I’m surprised by the outcome.

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