This weekend, I finally finished landscaping my front yard.  It’s been a process since we got a large dieing tree removed. The tree was the majority of the cost of the project since I was unable to cut it down myself.  Most of the work involved trying to get rid of all the rock around the base of the tree.  The previous owner thought it was a good idea to have a dump truck load of rock dumped into the front of our yard.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been spending my weekends slowly digging up rock that’s been settling for over twenty years.  

On Sunday, we had the last of a few people from Craigslist come to our house to haul the stone way to a new resting place.  I don’t care to see another piece of river rock again.

The last two days I removed the rest of the ivy that grew over top of the rock and three dead bushes, received deliveries of dirt and mulch, graded the yard away from the house, and planted grass seed.  Last night, was the first night I hadn’t done something in the front of our yard for about a week. It felt great.

Most days, I spend the majority of time in front of a computer.  I don’t do much manual labor anymore, not including yard work and projects around my house.  I did a lot of manual labor before I graduated college and some days I miss it.  There aren’t many types of work that are as satisfying as building something with your hands.  That’s the appeal of manual labor. It might not be a lot of fun in the moment but in the end you can look at what you’ve accomplished and say, “I did that.”

The challenge for many of us who do not perform manual labor everyday is to find a way to get that same sense of accomplishment in our choosen field. Figure out what you want in your career

Go build it. You might be surprised by what you accomplish.