Last weekend, I watched the movie, Joy, and it might have been one of my favorite movies from last year.  Jennifer Lawrence again is amazing.  Is she best actress alive?  The opening dedication reads: Inspired by the true stories of daring women. I love it.

I have a little girl and the message hits home for me.  I want her to look up to strong women in her life and realize that she can do what ever she wants.  There is nothing stopping her from achieving her dreams.

The movie doesn’t stop there. This isn’t just a film for women.  Anyone who is struggling to create their own work of art, whether that’s an invention, song, or book, can learn something from this movie.  My favorite quote is during a flashback, it’s pictured above.  The main character is having a flashback about how she used to love to create things when she was younger but as she got older she got away from what she loved to do.

Who has had this feeling sometime later in life?  This happened to me a few years ago.  That’s why I decided I needed to start writing and speaking.

“When you’re hiding you’re safe, because people can’t see you. But the funny thing about hiding – you are even hidden from yourself.”

Wow.  That line hit home for me.  That’s the reason I decided to change my life. For years, I was hiding because it was safer and it was easier. What ended up happening is that during those years of hiding I lost a lot of what made me special.  It made me miserable.

I’m far from perfect.  There are times when I still catch myself trying to hide. It’s so much easier.  Standing up every day or every week can be tiring.  Some days I’d much rather hide.

But then I’d be hidden from myself. I only have one life.  I don’t want to spend it hiding.

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