Everyone has something to say but so many people are afraid to say anything at all when it counts.

Get someone among friends or one on one, and most likely you’ll have a hard time shutting them up. Give them a piece of paper and tell them to write whatever they want and most people will stare at that blank page until you take it away. You could also bring them into a meeting and ask them to share what’s on their mind but all you’ll probably get is silence.

Why do we love to talk in certain situations but go quite when it’s our turn to write or speak?

Most people are uncomfortable speaking or writing in public. I know I used to feel this way. How did I solve that problem?

I started writing and speaking in public. I practiced by writing a post every day and giving a speech once a week. 

Today, I took part in a leadership training course at my company. The instructor kept asking for feedback or explanations from the group and I kept being the person answering the questions to the point where it became somewhat comical. Though it shouldn’t be surprising to me. My weekly speeches have removed my fear of standing up in front of an audience and giving them my opinion.

The truly successful people in this world are speaking up. 

What will you choose to do?

Stay quite or speak up.