My anchor

There are always moments in your life where you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and ready to quite. How do certain people continue to push through the dip?

They know their anchor. They protect it fiercely. No matter what happens during the day. It doesn’t matter if they have a day full of meetings, if they don’t get enough sleep, or they’re faced with other commitments, they focus on keeping their anchor. It allows them to continue to push through the tough times and complete the work that needs to get done.

The Rock posted the above Instagram photo yesterday about his anchor, which is his daily workouts. These workouts allow him to work through his 12 or 14 our days. They keep him grounded, motivated, and allow him to complete the work he needs to get done.

For a long time, I didn’t realize my anchor and I imagine the people around me could tell. I thought I could just throw all my time and energy into one task. All that method did was lead me to burning out. I was miserable and tired. I should have know that working out was my anchor. Every since I was a little kid, I enjoyed the process as much as the event, which means I enjoyed the lifting, running, and practice as much as the game. After organized sports ended, I struggled to find the motivation and the time.  I thought I should be spending all my time on my career. I struggled finding the time work out consistently and it ended up impacting my work.

It hasn’t been an easy process to figure out my anchor. Like many things in life it’s easy to look back now and see how obvious it seems.  Answers to our problems are never obvious in the moment.  I didn’t really discover my anchor until my father passed away. One of the main things that helped me through that loss was working out on a daily basis.  It reminded me of all the time we spent working out together.  All the times we played catch, shot hoops, or lifted weights.  It’s been my form of meditation. Each day, I wake up and spend some time working out, and that thirty minutes to a half hour allows me to accomplish everything I need to get done.

HT therock