You don’t make life. You don’t choose it. It’s just life. You can plan it, scheme it, or design it all you want but it doesn’t matter. One day it will sucker punch you in the gut. You’ll fall to the ground and cry.  

At that moment you always have two choices: stay down and let your life fall to pieces or get back up to try again.  Life’s a lot like a video game, think Mario Brothers, except there is not only one goal or path to accomplish the goal.  There are millions of goals and a million more paths to complete each of those goals.  You start, you die or at least you might feel like you’re dieing, then you’ll return to what you think is the start to begin again. You can do this over and over again.

The dieing part can be anything. It can be losing someone you love, illness, not being admitted or accepted, not signing the deal, finishing the race, running as fast as you planned, nailing the speech, selling the product, delivering the results, lifting the weight, losing the weight, earning a certain amount of money, winning the election, completing the book, finishing the song, executing the move, catching the fish, driving the car, finding the girl or guy, falling out of love, landing the job, expressing your self, forgeting an appointment, losing a friend, claiming bankruptcy, unable to pay bills, missing the call,being cut, or anything where you exposed yourself.

You can let these things take you out, or you can accept the consequences, learn from them, start again, and come back better than before. It is up to you to decide what to make of your life.  

Will you be the positiive or the negative?  Think about you attitude.  After something happens in your life do you think everything is awful and woe is me, or will you make the best of what you’ve been given.  Will you make your current situation better than great?

That’s the point of life. It’s about continuing to get up every day with the attitude that you can be better than before. You might not understand the path. You might not always understand where you’re going. After doing this every day for a period of time you’ll take sometime to realize where you are in your journey and what you’ve accomplished. If you continued to make the right choices each day and stayed positive then you might find you’re self exactly where you want to be.

Is it easy? No. 

Nothing important ever is in life.