What the heck have I been doing?

Not witing blog posts. What I’ve been doing is creating a Master Plan. Last week, I read a blog post by Josh Kaufman about The Master Plan. 

In his blog he described a plan to create five three year goals on the following areas of your life: Health/Fitness, Relationships, Skills/ Personal Growth, Wealth/Career, And Enjoyment. 

After figuring out what each of your most important goals, then break those goals down into 1 year, month, and week goals. During the week figure out your most important tasks (MITs) each day. That way you know what you need to accomplish everyday. 

At the end of the week, spend some time reviewing your goals. Ask yourself three questions: What were the highlights of the week, what went wrong, and what is your plan to achieve your goals the following week?

That’s what I spent my time on last week. This week I’ve spent my time trying to complete my most important tasks. 

I’m back writing a blog post everyday And I’ll be publishing a few posts today.