Where are you?

I’ll be posting a few blog posts I’ve had in a backlog over the past few days. This was a busy weekend and fell behind on posting regularly.  Even though I’ve been writing daily blog posts for over a year I still struggle to publish every day.  Things still come up that cause to me to get side tracked.

I’m trying to be better.  To make a system so I always have a blog post ready to be published.  At Toastmasters, one of my fellow club members talked about always having a speech in your back pocket.  I’ve tried to take that mentality to heart.  Though it’s been hard to stay true to that quote when you’re writing a speech every week.

I want to always have a blog post in my back pocket because life is going to happen and get in your way, my way.  I don’t know much about what the future holds for me, but I do know that I should try to expect the unexpected.  Having a backup blog post ready to go is one of my goals in the coming weeks.  One reason to do this is to give me time to do a better job of editing my posts.  Then I could publish them at a set time around 6am.  My current process doesn’t leave much time, if any, to rewrite or edit.  Somedays I’m writing the post and then immediatly publishing it so I can stick to the goal of publishing a daily blog post.

I hope you enjoy the next few posts.  Some of them will be setting up what I hope to be big things to come.