Random Thoughts: The blog and my main goal

On this blog, I write about a number of different topics, and I don’t know if I’ll ever reduce the number of topics to the point where I’m focusing on one common theme.  I guess some people would consider it to be a little scattered. I’d be lying if I didn’t think I should probably tighten up the structure.  On the other hand, I sit down every morning and try to think about my life. I write about what I’m thinking about every day.

The main point of this blog is about trying to become a better writer. The real power of writing out my thoughts every day comes from the ideas the process gives me.  Every time I sit down to write I’m always surprised at what I get out of the process.  Nearly every time I think of a new idea, another blog post or speech, a way to look at an issue in a different way, or solution to my probelm.

Recently, I started writing out all my goals, and wants, in a notebook I’ll use for daily goal reading.  I’ve been thinking about my main definite purpose for the past few weeks.  While I was writing out all my goals, I figured out a new way to write out this goal that I believe encompasses everything I hope to achieve in the next few months.

I want to become the type of person who can be accepted into Seth Godin’s altMBA program and not think twice about paying the $3,000 tuition.

That’s my main goal for the following year.  I want become the type of person who would be accepted into that type of program.  It also means I need to become the person who’s making enough money to cover all of life’s expenses, while still having $3,000 left over to pay the tuition for the program and not feel like I’m sacrificing anything for my family.