Must Love Data: Welcome back

I was just looking to see when I wrote my last Must Love Data post.  I was surprised to find that it’s been six months.  I was shocked. Time does really fly.  There hasn’t been a Must Love Data post in 2016.  I’ve been concentrating on programming, speaking, and making sure I stick to my regular blog post schedule.

One of your questions might be, “Why are you bringing it back?” For me, it’s all about continuing my education in the field of data science.  I’m not a data scientist but I work with tons of data everyday. It’s in my best interest to continue to improve my skills in data science and code. I may never be a true data scientist but I know data, and understanding what the data is telling me, will be one of the main challenges of my career.  That’s why every week I want to talk about what I’m doing to improve my skills around data and code.

Every week, I’ll be reading books and articles, completing online courses, watching Khan Academy videos, completing Free Code Camp tutorials and projects, writing about the necessary skillset, and my experience trying to learn some difficult material.

This won’t be perfect and I’ll try to make it interesting.  At least as interesting as possible when your trying to write about statistics and code. Come back every Monday at 6 am to read about what I’m working on to see if I was successful or stupid.